Key understanding of current developments in the mining charter.
Regular contacts with key stakeholders in the drafting of the mining charter
Ability to advise our client to future proof their BEE structure


Denali has kept abreast of the concerted effort by Government in this sector.
Ongoing efforts intensified by the acceleration of the Black Industrialist Programme
We focus on making BEE more strategic than merely a compliance issue in order to transform this sector to increase employment in South Africa

Wholesale and Retail trade

Our understanding of this sector allows us to design solutions that are cost effective and each rand of spend being value adding.
Our solutions are designed around Enterprises Development and Supplier Development to improve preferential procurement in our clients own supply chain

Financial Services

Our in depth understanding of the sector based on our involvement in the first major BEE transaction in this sector.
Our understanding has evolved with various amendments to the codes which allows to see the direction this sector is heading.
This allows us to give our clients the competitive advantage.


Industry experts with in depth understanding of this sector abide within our team. This combined with our BEE and corporate finance skill set will allow us to structure a robust BEE transactions that is mutually beneficial to both target company and the BEE party.


Being a target area for transformation we have designed models to provide insight to ownership transactions in this sector.
Enterprise Supplier Development natives in this sector and our initiative approach to solving such issues in partnership with major brands as well buyers
makes industry leaders in this sector.


Denali by default have become specialist in this sector by continuous engagement in the recently released Construction Charter.
We are market leaders in providing insight into this recently released charter.

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