Denali Capital understands that BEE and inclusive growth is integral to the future growth and sustainability of South Africa. While our motive is not be make BEE cheap we do understand the current dynamics of the economy and financial pressure on placed  businesses due to low growth rates. Our solutions are therefore bespoke to meet individual requirements which allow our clients to  comply with the spirit of the codes in a cost effective manner.

Our key focus areas:

Enterprise Supplier Development

  • Major drive by the DTI to improve.
  • Made up of three major components
  • Preferential Procurement
  • Supplier Development
  • Enterprise Development

Skills Development

  • Choosing an experienced partner is critical to the success of skills development program implementation.

Socio-economic development

  • Innovative ideas to earn 5 points in this area

Management Control

  • Innovative ideas around focussed at addressing key issues around black management and control of enterprises

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